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Distance swimming…tips needed!

So, just had my second day of doing a daily 1km+ swim ahead of the next Triathlon at Callala Bay

Swimming, I find, is great…but really hard over long distance (is 1km even considered “distance”, let alone “long distance”???).

Today, I swam no further than 550m non stop (650m yesterday, both in a 25m pool… probably could add 150m to that if it were a 50m pool).

How the hell can one:

  • Swim non stop for over 1km (furtherest I’ve done 2.5km about 8 weeks ago in a 50m pool…but that was with MANY stops).
  • Do it without being able to see the bottom (i.e. murky/dark water) without completely freaking out
  • Get the mind distracted so you can just get through the technique (assumption being I’ll get to the 1km before I know it)
  • Learn how not to think about things that start making you tired (I’m not, but I start THINKING I should be).

Any tips would be very welcome!

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One thought on “Distance swimming…tips needed!

  1. maybe an idealist on said:

    Hello, for swimming advice, it’s about being mindful and centered in your body. With practice, there is technique to focus the mind and body. Technique can do more for endurance and breathing than actual conditioning. For an easy way to up the speed of laps, work on turns. A fast efficient turn changes the wall from an obstacle to an extra boost.

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