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First triathlon: done!

I’ve been extremely remiss on updating this blog.

However, the last few months have been productive in terms of my ongoing transformation from a fat dude to a triathlon dude (I use the phrase “triathlon dude” extremely loosely, as compared to the “real” athletes I saw at my first Triathlon, I’m more “embarrassing triathlon dude” than “triathlete”.



But I digress.

I can proudly say I’ve completed (medal and all to show for it) the Nepean Triathlon (Club distance), which is Australia’s oldest triathlon.  I even passed the 60 year old guy that has done all 30 or so Nepean Triathlon’s near the finish line….yay me.

Club distance is 1km swim, 30km bike and 10km run…slightly different to an Olympic distance.

I’m extremely proud of the result…I am officially a below average, mediocre tri-hard.


558th out of total 832 competitors

Category 35-39 
95th out of 171

The toughest part was the swim.  I really struggled in the cool water without a wetsuit.  Training in a pool where you can a) see the bottom and b) take a quick breather at each 50m mark isn’t the best.  I had a bit of a panic attack 300m into the swim, almost withdrew from the entire race three times, mostly did breath stroke and overall felt like a complete looser…but I finished the swim, and very happy with the bike and run legs which made up or it (a bit).

I’m about to sign up to my next Triathlon, this one Callala Bay on the 9th December.  This is another Club distance, which is good.

I am currently focusing entirely on my swim, doing a minimum of 1km a day and doing 1.5km ocean swim every Sat and Sun to try to boost my confidence here…

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2 thoughts on “First triathlon: done!

  1. allyjones3847 on said:

    Well done. Open water swimming is very different and panic attacks are not uncommon. The more you do the more comfortable you get with it. triathlon is about personal goals as much as racing others. Keep going.

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