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Ocean Swim: Shelly Beach – Manly – Shelly Beach

It was ocean swim day 1 of training for the lead up to the Callala Bay Triathlon.

Absolutely stunning Sydney beach weather.


It was a tiny bit cool (the water), was concerned I’d hit the same issues I had at the Nepean Triathlon around not having a wetsuit.  The first 250m was cold, but after that I seemed to adjust into it and the rest of the swim was extremely pleasant from a warmth point of view.

Total distance was about 1.25km swam, in two sessions.  First about 850m and the next the remainder.  Total time for the swim was about 25min…snail pace but focus was on doing it rather than doing it fast.


Was also a successful trial of of my new ocean swimming goggles the V1000A Xtreme Swimming Goggle / Mask…which were really awesome!

No fogging whatsoever, really comfortable and the vision they offer is far superior to the normal goggles.  I look like a bit of a freak, but that was a small price to pay.

Overall, very pleased with the swim today.  I wasn’t 100% comfortable out there (rate myself a freaking out rating of 6/10) but I now know that a) I can do it provided I keep doing it and b) the feeling afterwards is pretty amazing.

Tomorrow I’ll be doing another one…maybe at Balmoral than Manly (it’s a long drive in traffic!).

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