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Dreaming of a strong 2014, after a weak 2013

So 2103 hasn’t been great.

I think I did like four events: Tough Mudder, ACT Triathlon (Sprint), Wollongong Triathlon (Sprint) and finally the Newcastle Fun Run (10km).

Out of these, I enjoyed the Wollongong Tri the most (despite a horrible run leg) as I had a proper bike, and a wet suit.  I had booked to do the Port Stephen’s Triathlon in May, but had to pull out due to unfortunate circumstances.

Since pulling out of the Port Stephens triathlon, I seem to have bounced from one issue to another.  From my partner ending up in hospital twice, my bike breaking and needing a specialist part shipped from the US (taking 6 weeks) and finally suffering a quite horrible upper neck/back injury which persists to this day.

You can see from the below Activity tracker, a massive drop in training.  September had zero (0) bike training.


Big drop in training from September 2013

I’ve missed the MS Sydney to Gong ride, missed the City2Surf, missed the Blackmores Running Festival, and haven’t even been able to entertain and form of Tri event.

I had planned on joining the Concord Tri Club this year.

I had also started in July of training and dreaming of doing my first 70.3…most likely the Port Macquarie 70,3 Ironman one (2014).

But ENOUGH winging.

Time to start dreaming again…and more importantly…start DOING again!

November training activity below is short & sharp swims & bikes.  I’m taking it easy as I get back into the game.  Running still isn’t possible:

Back in the water & back on the bike

Back in the water & back on the bike

So, now that I am getting (slowly) back into the game here is my TOP 5 2014 Dream List
(provided I can escalate myself over November and December back to full fitness (including Running):

#1 – Join a Tri Club
I ain’t going to improve unless I join a club.
Concord Tri Club Logo

#2 – Wollongong Triathlon (Olympic)
My most enjoyable experience in triathlon so far.

TriTheGong Triathlon 2014

TriTheGong Triathlon 2014

#3 – MS Gong Ride (90km)
Fun one.  Would be my longest distance ride, however I think I’ll do a longer one in a training session before November 2014


MS Gong Ride 2014 (90km)

#4 – Port Stephens Triathlon
I’ve missed this one two years in a row.


Port Stephens Triathlon

#5 – IRONMAN Port Macquarie
The big one.  The goal.  The dream.  


IronMan Port Macquarie

Wish me luck :)

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2 thoughts on “Dreaming of a strong 2014, after a weak 2013

  1. Great goals! Seriously, and way to have a great mindset about tough times!

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